Slider Premium Bedroom

  • Twin Bedded Room - Rear
    Twin Bedded Room - Rear

    Twin Bedded Room with a view over the rear of the Hotel

  • Double Room
    Double Room

    Double bedded room with the facilities as the Executive Room

  • Three Singles Beds
    Three Singles Beds

    Suitable for the children in a family, or a small golfing party

  • Three Bedded Room
    Three Bedded Room

    A different view, this time from the window rather than from the door

  • The Toilet Accommodation
    The Toilet Accommodation

    The water pressure in the showers, is such that one has an invigorating experience

  • Family Room en-suite Single
    Family Room en-suite Single

    This room is a suite of two bedrooms, one double and on single

  • Double with Bunks
    Double with Bunks

    This is a treat for young children, "Can I get the top bunk --- Please"

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Providing the luxury expected from this Hotel, all rooms have en-suite facilities provided as standard throughout the Hotel

These rooms have the same easy access as all the rooms in the Royal Hotel Ullapool

Executive Bedroom

Double Room with Balcony Access Click the above display to see details of the Executive Room

4 Poster Bedroom

This photograph show the 4 Poster Bed with a floral arrangement, prepared for guest arrival

  Click the above display to see details of the 4 Poster Room